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Thrill Machines

Improve the quality of drinks

Your clients will love the glass chiller Vortex F1 Pro because it improves the quality of the drinks you serve: it doesn’t dilute, it improves taste and aromas and kills bacteria.

It is a professional machine ideal for serving the best cocktails, non-alcoholic drinks, beer and wine, champagne and prosecco.

Vortex F1 Pro is a glass chiller that uses CO2, sanitising with a thermal shock that kills up to 88% of bacteria in glasses, eliminating invisible post-washing residue that causes bad odours and alters the taste of drinks.

With Vortex F1 Pro you need only a few seconds to sanitise glasses and serve an uncontaminated drink, without unpleasant odours or aftertaste.

Vortex F1 Pro creates a new quality standard for tasting cocktails and drinks.